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Hey there, you beautiful soul! I am so happy you are here! Aligned Athletics is all about empowerment, balance and alignment. We strive to bring you performance active wear that makes you feel your best. Active wear that makes you want to get up, get out, and move your body. When you feel that good, you feel empowered, you feel like empowering the person next to you. It brings balance to your life. When you are empowered and feel that balance, your world comes into alignment... you can conquer anything the day throws at you. Aligned Athletics is here to give you the confidence to live your life aligned. #livelifealigned.

  • Owner & Founder of Aligned Athletics

    My name is Taylar Balfour, I am the owner of Aligned Athletics Activewear. I am So happy you are here!

    As you scroll, you'll be seeing some of the most amazing and empowering women I know!


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